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Nobody gets their financial challenges. We do. Accelerate your channel growth with decent, creator-friendly capital.

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FUNDING designed to HELP YOU grow


GET Up to 15X Monthly Revenue

We empower creators with generous funding to help scale their businesses and expedite their growth.

Grow on your terms

use funds to invest in yourself

Produce more videos, invest in quality equipment, expand your team, or explore new formats to build your dream content-creation empire.

FUNDING that is creator-friendly

No Credit Score

No Impact on Credit Score

Unlike the bank, we do not evaluate your credit score or financial transactions. Instead, we believe that data from YouTube tells us everything we need to know about your suitability and potential.


no black box on deals

We offer maximum transparency in our deals: simple structure, no back catalog sales, and a transparent income-tracking system.


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Along with the capital investment, you get complimentary access to our talented team of editors, thumbnail designers, and best-in-class YouTube experts.

Grow Faster on YouTube

Growth Ecosystem

Boost your channel by gaining access to our creator-friendly toolkit, with benefits including channel translation and cross-platform distribution.

evaluating creators’ capital

We have made capital accessible to more creators; million-dollar earnings are no longer necessary.

The OlD way

  • Opt for loan or credit card, or sell your back catalog
  • Capital capped by current revenue
  • Impact on credit score

the new way

  • Simple revenue sharing: Earn less, pay less
  • Get up to 15x of your monthly revenue
  • No impact on your future credit

Discover your funding potential

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How does Fundmates evaluate the potential of a creator's channel?

We get it — your channel's potential is defined more than just your previous earnings. Therefore, we analyze your historical data to understand your future revenue potential over the next 6-24 months, and use this to determine the funding available to you.

How does revenue sharing work with Fundmates?

Fundmates and yourself — the creator — will begin by agreeing on three things: the amount of funding, the time period of funding, and the revenue share percentage. Clear and simple.

Plus, our transparent tracking system continually monitors your YouTube income, ensuring you receive a detailed financial report every month. No surprises, just complete clarity.

What is the range of funding that Fundmates offers?

Our funding deals range from $30k to $1 million, based on various factors such as channel performance and projected future growth.

Will I maintain control over my content & channel with Fundmates?

Absolutely. You stay in the driver's seat of your content and channel. We're here to fuel your journey, not steer it.

Can I work with Fundmates if I'm part of a MCN or have management?

Yes, we love to collaborate with others. Whether you're an independent creator or you’re already linked up with an MCN or management team, we are committed to supporting your online growth.

What kind of risks does Fundmates cover?

Fundmates takes on the financial risks, allowing you to concentrate on creating content. We only require that you adhere to the content policies of the platforms you use.